Q: Does my child need to prepare any songs for the audition?
A: No, he/she will be taught a song on the first day of the auditions. He/she does not need to prepare anything.

Q: Is an accent required for the dialogue?
A: Yes, a standard RP (received pronunciation) English accent will be required.

Q: Will my child be taught a dance routine on the day or does she/he have to prepare one themselves?
A: Choreography will be taught on the day of the audition.

Q: What should my child wear to the auditions?
A: Black comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement i.e. no skirts and dresses, suggest black leggings and T shirts. Dance shoes or sneakers. Long hair tied up.

Q: Does my child have to have dance shoes for the audition?
A: Yes, trainers, sneakers or dance shoes only.

Q: Is my child required for all three days of the audition?
A: As outlined in the audition brief only successful applicants will be asked back for Day 2, and then again for Day 3. Some candidates will be released after the very first round.

Q: How long will the audition process take each day?
A: Auditions will take place each day between 9am - 6pm / 6.30pm.

Q: Will we be told straight away if we didn't get through?
A: At the end of each round you will be told whether you have been successful or not. The final cast list will be confirmed up to 2 weeks after the initial audition process.

Q: Will my child receive any feedback on why his/her audition was not successful?
A: No, there is unfortunately no time for this.

Q: Can I leave my child and come back to get them, or do I need to stay with them for the entire audition time?
A: You will be required to stay in the complex for the whole day whilst your child is auditioning. If there is a coffee shop nearby parents are welcome to leave for a short period of time, but there is no guarantee as to how long each audition round lasts.

Q: When will the rehearsals start?
A: Rehearsal dates have not been fixed but the children need to be available from the 2nd October 2017 and need to be off school for 4 weeks.

Q: Do I need to obtain permission from my child's school in order to have him/her miss school?
A: Indeed please make sure that you get a permission form from your school principal stating that they are aware that your child is partaking in this production and that it is okay for him/her to take time off school.

Q: Will my child be given time off during rehearsals to write exams, or to be involved in school extra-mural activities?
A: Unfortunately not. We need your child to attend rehearsals on a full time basis.

Q: How far in advance will I know what shows my child are on for?
A: The schedule should be released towards the end of the last week of rehearsals.

Q: If my child is sick, can he/she audition at an alternative time?
A: Unfortunately the international creative team are only in Singapore on the said dates.

Q: If my child has braces or mouth wires, can he/she audition?
A: Yes

Q: What ethnicity/nationality must my child be?
A: We welcome all ethnicities and nationalities

Q: My child is not of the correct height but still wants to audition for the experience. Is that allowed?
A: No, the height requirement for this production is very specific. Please do not register as your child will not progress past the pre-registration process.

Q: Will my child get paid for performing?
A: Yes, he/she will receive a fee. The exact amount will be confirmed when he/she is assigned a role.

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